Iris, Hannah, Camelia

These are my girl cousins. The difference in our age is really far since i do have young aunties :) They do really love me as a sister. In fact, they don't have sisters so they usually come up to me and decided to pamper with me. During my semester break, we decided to visit my auntie who just came back from Bahrain. She works there but now she's here !!! Yeayyyy :D Guess what, we gather at her house and have a party. It was so much fuunnn because everyone was there except for my brothers because they are working and they have small kids. My auntie lives in Jitra and that is sure farrr awayy. Phewwww, i slept few times during the trip. As usual, when i came there my lovely cousins were expecting me. Iris and hannah fight for me because they want me to carry them( They are super heavy kids okay). Iris is the girl with the curly hair down, hannah has a straight hair and Camelia's hair is all curlyyy. They are so fab in fashion. I admit my aunties do gave them nice clothesss. Yeah i do love them as much as i can say because i never had a sister anyways. The next day, my aunt brought us all to her work place which is in UUM(Universiti Utara Malaysia). She brought us to this deer place. We also visited a lake here. It was beautiful actually but the water is quite dirty.

So, this trip was very fun because later on my auntie had booked a hotel in penang(A suite room wuuuu) Hehehe. You know what, these kids want to hold my hand so Hannah told me, 'Kakak Addin can i ride your car?' I felt pitty for her cause she is sooo close to me. I said sure Hannah come on and of course iris and Camelia wanted to came along. Well , i tell you Iris is a very jelous kind of kid. Every time Hannah wants to be with me she will be sulking wanting me to be with her too. So our ride is full laughter and giggles and quarelling HAHAHA. We checked in like before Asar prayer. So we prayed and get ready to go for a SWIM ! Yeah, those kids are super excited to go swimming. They played in the kids pool while we Grown Ups are in the other one. It was fun entertaining them. While we were having our dinner suddenly i heard Iris called Hannah " Hannah, Hannah look at papa's tummy. It looks fat right Hannah ?" I was like laughing hardly inside because she looks so innocent telling hannah about it. Later on, i was quite tired and stood in my room. Suddenly, the door opened windly but no one is there. Unfortunately this Hannah girl came in. She lie down beside me and wanted to play with my phone. She opened the gallery and found many Iris's photos but hers was only few. She felt so sad but I calm her down by hugging her and we played many things. She's a smart girl and talks a lot too. Then, i heard like a chaos outside so i went out and asking what happened? They said that Hannah went missing. I was laughing because she's in my room with me. I taught that she told her mom she's going to my room. Hannah was peeking into my room. Rise and shine, those kids are back asking me to bring them to the swimming pool again !! Aren't they tired ? *sigh* I just accompanied them that morning without taking any bathes yetttt. hehehehheehhe. Watching them from far and their naughty habits trying to make me wet by splashing the water. I'm half wet zzzzzz. I need to be dry because i was holding my phone. Luckily it was not wet. I went back home having a fever. It's either i miss those kids or i played with water too much hihi.


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